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Sensitive services must be reliable and available.

Indra is designed to quickly and efficiently deliver:



Automic Measures





The following service Indra packages are available:

Indra External Monitoring

Sometimes it may be good to be able to monitor your systems from outside. By obtaining an account at http://www.imz.se, you can monitor your pages from our servers via your app or our web portal. A perfect service to see that the service can be reached from outside. 

What is included?

Our service packages includes the following:


Use our default plugins to get started right away. The following plugins are available:

Or consult us to create a plug-in that is customized for your own system.


Updates of Indra and our standard plugins are always included in our service package.

Mobile app och web portal

Use your mobile phone or browser to keep track of your servers. You can also get push notifications via the app when an alarm goes off. The app is available for WinPhone, Android and Iphone. 

Statistics and action agent

Collect statistics from your services and get advice from Indra on actions that should be performed.


Our technicians can help you by phone and email Mon-Fri 8-17.

Additional services

Sometimes you may need help right away by our skilled consultants. The following can help you with:


Our consultants will install Indra and configure emergency services and surveillance services. We ensure that everything is done correctly.


Our updates are included, but sometimes you can be unsure that an upgrade works painlessly. We take care of the upgrade process of your installation.